Black Box HDMI-over-IP H.264 Encoder - 4-Port

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Live Stream Media over IP Extend AV signals as far as your network reaches. This media encoder is a live streaming media encoder that interfaces with HDMI signals for delivering media over IP networks. It features four HDMI input(s) and one Ethernet output for simplified integration into your AV system. It can be used with the VS-2001-DEC decoder, or third-party decoders such as a set-top box, a VLC and Kodi media player on PCs to provide complete end-to-end streaming systems.

Standardized Protocols

This encoder complies with standardized and disclosure protocols so that it can work with third-party decoders, such as VLC software, STB, or a media encoder in another system. This allows you to choose the most suitable devices for your AV system.

Advanced Media Codec

The encoder features H.264 video compressing technology. This allows it to transmit video content with visually lossless quality without consuming too much bandwidth. On top of that, the encoder supports AAC audio encoding so a high-quality audio signal can be transmitted using low bandwidth.

Optimized Control Methods

This encoder offers two controlling approaches: web UI and Telnet API. The web UI enables the user to control the system through a common browser. The Telnet API allows the devices to be controlled by a third-party system.

  • Standards-based H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video compression
  • Audio encoding control from PCM and AAC
  • Deliver TS data through UDP or RTP (unicast and multicast are both supported)
  • Supports up to 10 simultaneous RTSP clients according to the data rate
  • Supports resolutions from common Standard Definition, through all resolutions including 1080p60, up to 1920x1200 @60Hz
  • Supports static IP, DHCP and auto IP

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