Black Box HDMI-to-VGA Scaler and Converter with Audio

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  • Controlled through USB OSD or push buttons.
  • Supports intelligent color adjustment.

This HDMI to VGA Scaler (AVSC-HDMI-VGA) converts digital HDMI video with embedded audio to VGA analog video with either stereo analog audio or digital SPDIF audio. With this module, newer HDMI sources such as DVD players and new video cards can be used with older VGA monitors and sinks.

NOTE: Supporting HDCP does not mean stripping it. If HDCP content is put in the regulations will be followed and no video will pass since VGA has no way to handle HDCP.

  • Compatible with all HDMI sources (DVD players, PC) and VGA sinks (older monitors)
  • HDCP compliant
  • Power through either wallmount or USB

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