Black Box Horizontal IT Rackmount Cable Manager - 2U, 19" , Single-Sided, Black

Sale price$59.00


Tangled cable clutter is the pits, but organizing cable is a winning idea. If you mount a cable raceway on your distribution rack, you can get rid of cable clutter forever. The slotted ducts provide ample space for all your cables, while the new passthrough holes allow the cables to be routed from the front to the back of the cable manager. Double-sided, vertical, and 1U raceways are also available.

  • Guaranteed for life!
  • This horizontal model is 2U for a perfect rack fit.
  • Perfect for tighter spaces where you may have less cable.
  • Now with cable passthrough holes for improved cable runs.
  • Installation's a snap-mount it easily onto any distribution rack.

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