Black Box LGC5200 Series Spare Power Supply - LGC5210A Series Media Converters

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This 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, autosensing power adapter provides 48-VDC power to the power jack on a Gigabit PoE+ Media Converter (LGC5210A-LGC5212A). These converters may also be powered with 45 to 57 VDC to DC terminal block in a cascading DIN rail application.

This product works with:

  • Gigabit PoE+ Media Converters (LGC5210A-LGC5212A)

  • AC power adapter provides 48-VDC power to a media converter's DC power jack.
  • For use with Gigabit PoE Media Converters (LGC5210A-LGC5212A).

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