Black Box Line-Powered Extender Kit - HDMI Over CATx

Sale price$448.00


Extend HDMI video and audio to remote displays over one CATx cable.

  • Easy-to-install, plug-and-play system gets you connected right away.
  • The uncompressed communication system allows for crisp, digital video delivery with resolutions up to 1920x1200 at 60Hz.
  • Reach up to 164 ft. (50 m) over a single CATx cable.
  • Smart EDID management keeps aspect ratios and resolutions intact indiscriminate of display type. This ensures the correct content is displayed.
  • Durable locking connectors to ensure strong connectivity.
  • Digitally transmit high-fidelity 16, 20, or 24 bit stereo audio. The HDMI over CATx Line-Powered Extender Kit supports eight channels of HDMI audio.
  • Black Box products are built to last and selected for reliability, durability, and performance. The HDMI over CATx Extended Pair includes a two-year warranty.

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