Black Box MediaCento IPX Controller



Add the MediaCento IPX Controller to the system and get IP-based matrix switching and video wall control.

Flexible matrix switching and video wall control

The MedaCento IPX controller brings cost-effective, flexible matrix switching and video wall control to a new level. The controller appliance enables customers to take full control over the IP-based MediaCento IPX transmitters and receivers and turns the system into an IP-based matrix switch and video wall controller.

Plug-and-play setup

Setup is easy. Plug the device into the network of the MediaCento units, and the device automatically detects any MediaCento units in the network. Pull them into the Web interface for easy control.

Two Ethernet interfaces for control from secondary network

If the AV signals are on a separate network, the MediaCento IPX control has two Ethernet ports that allow control from a secondary network. Run the AV signals on one network to prevent overloading the corporate network and simultaneously control the units from you cell phone or office computer on the corporate net.

Intuitive Web UI for remote content management

The embedded appliance includes a Web interface, which allows you to switch from any source to any display, create presets and groups, create multi-zone layouts, combine multiple receivers into a video wall, and control and switch video wall zones remotely.

No port limitations

The IP-based system does not have any port limitations and can potentially support hundreds of devices and video walls up to 8 x 8 in size.

Mobile support

The system also features mobile support, which allows for easy access and monitoring of presets from cell phones or tablet devices.

  • Take full control over your IP-based MediaCento IPX transmitters and receivers.
  • Manage content remotely with intuitive Web UI and mobile support.
  • Control video walls up to 8 x 8 (64 screens).
  • Easily expandable.

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