Black Box Multimedia Patch Panel - 1U, 16-Port

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  • Holds GigaTrue2 CAT 6, GigaBase2 CAT5e, CAT3, and USOC Jacks.
  • Works with GigaStation2 Snap Fittings.
  • Also available with 24 or 36 ports in 1U or with 48 or 96 ports in 2U.
Black Box High-Density Multimedia Patch Panels have the flexibility, modularity, and connection density you need. They support many media types, including jacks and adapters for copper UTP and STP, S-Video, and fiber.

The patch panel's maximum-density design makes the most of your precious rack space. It holds 16 connectors in just one rack unit of space! The industry-standard keystone openings enable flush fitting of jacks, which makes connections look neat.
  • Guaranteed for life!
  • Constructed of cold-rolled steel.
  • Flexible and modular; high-density design enables optimum use of rack space.
  • Supports UTP, STP, fiber, and S-Video applications.

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