Black Box Rackmount Fiber Shelf, 1U, 3-Adapter Panel

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With this shelf, you can organize and protect fiber connections and splice trays in your 19" or 23" rackmount fiber applications. This shelf is particularly useful in cabinets and racks where little space is available. It accepts three snap-in Adapter Panels or MPO Cassettes for connections. The cable punchouts are aligned for easy stacking of shelves. Plus, fiber Kevlar clamps on the outside rear hold the fiber in place as it enters the box.

The adapter panels are recessed horizontally in the swing-out tray for superior patch cord protection. A splice tray stud enables you to install pigtail splice trays.

The Rackmount Fiber Shelf comes with rackmount brackets that are adjustable for mounting in cabinets and two-post racks. They're set for 19" racks but can be reversed for use in 23" racks.
  • Provides termination for optical cables on the premises or in a central office.
  • Organize and protect fiber connections and splice trays in 19" and 23" cabinets and two-post racks.
  • Accepts three snap-in Adapter Panels or MPO Fiber Casettes. (Each adapter panel has 6 or 12 connectors, for a total of 18 to 36 fiber terminations).
  • Guaranteed for life!

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