Black Box Rackmount Gang Switch - 19" , 1U, (8) RJ-45 A-B (All Pins)

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  • Enables individual or simultaneous (ganged) control of circuits.
  • Switch manually or electronically using a local RS-232 serial console.
  • Lockable switch with removable key for securing gang switching control.
  • Supports connections to Gigabit Ethernet segments.
  • Features highly reliable internal telecommunications relays.
  • Transparent to data rates, protocols, formats, and signal levels.
  • Compact, 1U-high rack-mountable chassis.
  • Includes dual power inputs for redundancy.
  • Daisychain multiple units for up to 4080 ports or 255 chassis.

Use this Layer 1 switching system to add network backup and failover switching to your data networks. It's ideal for mission-critical applications, including classified information and military systems, broadcast networks, and stock exchanges.

With the Pro Switching System 1U NBS, it's very simple to switch all users from the main network to a backup network at the chassis itself using a momentary toggle switch on the front or via a serial RS-232 workstation.

This model switches all eight leads on the RJ-45 ports. It's designed for use in 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-TX Ethernet networks, for switching RS-232 circuits that use both data and hardware handshake leads, or any application that requires the use of more than four leads. (We also offer models that switch just Pins 1/2 and 3/6 of the RJ-45 connectors.)

Each switching circuit has a common (C) port that's latched to its associated A or B port, which means it passes signals even if the chassis is without AC power. Because its relays are physically latched into position, once a position is set, it stays set. The switch circuit is as reliable as the CATx cables connected to it.

A key-lockable switch secures the gang switching function. With the key-lock switch in the enabled position, all ports in the Pro Switching System 1U NBS can be simultaneously switched by pressing the momentary toggle switch on the chassis' front.

Port settings are also software controllable, so you can toggle a connected device from the A to the B position from a workstation. You not only have reliable network paths, but you can automate switching to control individual settings.

Need to add ports later? Simply daisy-chain multiple Pro Switching System 1U NBS chassis together - up to 255 in all - and control them as a single system.

  • Latches the A/B position to keep signals moving even if power is lost.
  • Provides A/B switching between 10/100/1000 terminated copper networks.
  • Shut off access to your private network based on time of day, virus detection, or hacker alerts

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