Black Box RJ45 2-to-1 CAT6 Ethernet 10G Manual Desktop Switch

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  • It provides total electrical isolation, so you can safely access secure and public networks from the same desktop.
  • Use in networks from 10BASE-T all the way up to 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10-GbE).
  • The proprietary design ensures crosstalk isolation for high-end performance and full 10-GbE support.
  • Simply connect your host device (or shared network link) to Port C (Common port), then connect the different networks or Ethernet devices to the A and B ports.
  • Operates manually. Just push a button to switch to another network.
  • No power required.

Great for high-bandwidth network switching, this desktop device enables you to switch between wire-speed networks at the push of a button - and do so securely.

  • Switch between two separate Ethernet networks from one PC without the need to plug and unplug cable.

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