Black Box Serial Switchbox



  • Durable and reliable. Tested to 1,000,000 cycles
  • Manual control of the switch port supported through A/B push button on the front.
  • Can be switched remotely via Ethernet, RS-232, or dry contact as well.

    • Switch ports are transparent to data rates, formats, and protocols and can handle speeds up to 10 Mbps.
    • Supports serial remote control and can be switched using commands over a serial RS-232 communications line.
    • supports Ethernet remote control and can be switched using commands sent over an Ethernet network.
    • Manual control of the switch port connection state is supported through pushbutton switches on the front of the unit.
    • The connection state will be maintained if power fails or is removed.
    • Once the Ethernet remote control port has been configured, the A/B Switch can be switched using SNMP commands
    • supports remote telnet access, and can be controlled via a telnet session using the same commands as supported by the RS-232 serial interface

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