Black Box ServSwitch CX Uno,16-Port

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Further Details
  • Shared local and remote user console.
  • Stereo audio support.
  • CATx cabling means you can cascade 31 CPUs in 1U.
  • Flash upgradable.
  • An 8-port version is also available.

Add PS/2®, USB, or Sun® Server Access Modules (SAMs) to your CX Uno, 16-Port. All platforms are available with stereo audio support for speakers, too! Place servers up to 32.8 feet (10 m) from the switch and connect them with a simple CATx cable.

Small size, big delivery
Less than half the width of a standard 19" mountable device, the ServSwitch CX Uno supports up to 31 cascaded servers in 1U of rack space. Added to a KVM drawer like the ServView KVM Drawer (KVT317A), it's an ideal solution for dense server rack environments.

Remote access option via CATx
With the Remote Access Modules for the CX Uno for PS/2 or USB (KV04-REM or KV04U-REM series), a remote user has access to the attached servers from more than 900 feet (300 m) away using a single CATx cable.

Remote control option
Like all CX series switches, the CX Uno can be switched remotely via RS-232 commands. You can also synchronize the switching of multiple units, enabling support for multi-head video.

  • Quickly switches between sources without physical access
  • Let you connect 16 computers to 1 local users
  • 1920 x 1200 resolution for high-quality video delivery
  • USB port for easy connectivity
  • The rack-mountable form factor provides convenient installation

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