Black Box ServSwitch DT KVM Switch DisplayPort with USB and Audio, 4-Port

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The Black Box DT DisplayPort KVM with USB and Audio combines USB KVM switching and USB peripheral sharing in one device. This KVM Switch can easily operate up to four PCs, G3/G4 Macintosh computers, or Mac Pros from a single USB keyboard, USB mouse, and monitor, saving space, time and equipment. Its peripheral sharing function enables you to share more USB peripherals among all computers.

Users can switch among up to four KVM sources and control the systems using a USB keyboard and mouse, USB peripherals, and bi-directional audio, and view them with a DisplayPort supported monitor. Installation is as easy as connecting USB A-B cables between computers and theServSwitch DT DisplayPort KVM. The built-in USB hub ensures smooth switching from one computer to the other. It reduces redundant cables and encourages a neat and tidy working environment.

  • No software required
  • Front-panel push buttons and hotkey functions for easy computer selection
  • Activate autoscan by pressing front buttons
  • Supports USB consoles
  • Compatible with USB keyboards, mice, and USB peripherals
  • A unique switching system enables the USB or audio devices to operate independently
  • Four computers share up to four different USB peripherals
  • High resolution video up to UXGA (1600x1200), full HD (1920x1080), and WUXA (1920x1200), and WQXGA (2560x1600, dual-link)

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