Black Box ServSwitch Wizard Dual-Link DVI Tri-Head with USB True Emulation

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This highly flexible KVM switch centralizes and simplifies high-end, multi-head video switching access at a single user console with multiple DVI screens.

Plus, with advanced support for multiple high-speed USB devices, the ServSwitch Wizard DVI Dual-Link serves today's busy multitaskers quite well.

It's ideal for IT administrators and medical imaging, graphic design, and broadcast studio professionals who not only require quick, reliable access to multiple computer CPUs and multiple video channels, but also need simultaneous access to a mix of USB peripherals.

Select a channel on the ServSwitch Wizard DVI Dual-Link using hotkeys, a three-button mouse, or the switch's front-panel controls. When an auto-scan is enabled, the switch cycles between connected computers in sequence automatically. A seven-segment numeric display indicates the selected channel.

Multihead video channel access - simplified
The ServSwitch Wizard DVI Dual-Link enables a single KVM workstation user to control four separate computer systems or servers and flexibly share peripherals among them.

In addition to three DVI-I video KVM user console inputs for multiscreen workstations, the switch features tri DVI-I video connectors on each of its four computer channels. This way, you have easy access to three video heads on each channel.

Each video head channel on this high-quality switch supports dual-link digital DVI video at up to 450 megapixels per second. Plus, it supports high resolutions, whether you need 2048 x 1080 video for post-production type of work or 2560 x 1600 (WQXGA) image clarity for very detailed medical or R and D lab imaging. Want to use VGA video instead of DVI? Simply add DVI-to-VGA adapters.

In addition to tri video connectors, each computer channel on the ServSwitch Wizard DVI Dual-Link has USB Type B and 3.5-mm audio jack inputs.

Multicomputer and multiperipheral access
This high-performance, multimedia switching platform offers more than just straight switching between four multi-head computer systems. You can also use a KVM console to work on one computer while your favorite USB devices remain connected to other computers, all easily accessible to you. And because the ServSwitch Wizard DVI Dual-Link supports audio connectivity, you can listen to connect speakers to yet another computer (audio can be switched independently from USB and video).

The ServSwitch Wizard DVI Dual-Link's rear panel has two USB Type-A ports as part of its KVM user console connections plus separate switched USB Type-A ports for additional USB 2.0 connectivity. You can reassign any of the connected USB peripherals to any of the connected computers quickly. The attached devices can either be switched in unison, or you can mix peripherals between any of the systems.

The switch supports a wide range of USB devices, especially high-speed USB 2.0 peripherals on its switched USB ports. Printers, scanners, and non-standard HID devices can all be attached. For instance, you can be creating e-mails on one system, listening to the audio on a second one, printing from a third computer, and scanning documents on another - all at the same time.

A switch featuring true USB emulation
With advanced USB emulation technology, the ServSwitch Wizard DVI Dual-Link switch supports instant, reliable hotkey, and mouse switching. Other KVM switches often use a more generic emulation, relying on standard keyboard and mouse templates to provide peripheral info to connected computers. This results in support for only the most basic keyboard and mouse functions.

  • Equipped with audio inputs on KVM and computer channels
  • Supports video resolution up to 1920x1080 or boasts up to 2560x1600 (WQXGA)
  • True emulation technology on switched USB 2.0 channels
  • Each video head supports dual-link DVI video at up to 450 megapixels per second
  • Control all functions from a console with two high-resolution DVI screens
  • Enables a single user to control four computers fitted with tri-head
  • Switch DVI video, keyboard, and mouse streams to multiple CPUs

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