Black Box ServView17 CX Switching Module - 1 Local or 1 CATx User, 16-Port

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ServView17 CX Switching Modules are new switching options for use with the ServView17. Control up to 16 multiplatform computers from your ServView17 tray console, with expansion options to increase the number of servers available.

ServSwitch CX UNO IP guarantees a high level of quality and compatibility across multiple server hardware and software platforms. It comes with 8 or 16 computer ports that can be adapted to either PS/2, USB or Sun via Server Access Modules (SAMs) for each server connection. All platforms are available with stereo audio support for speakers!

Use convenient network-style CATx patch cables. Servers can be placed up to 10m away from the switching modules over a simple CATx cable.

These switching modules offer various port configurations and remote access options:

  • The non-IP modules (KVT8CATUV and KVT16CATUC) provide access over the KVM tray plus a KVM extension port that enables a second KVM console to access the switch from 300m away using standard CATx cabling and a CATmix extender remote unit.
  • The KVMoIP modules enable network users to control the switching module, besides the local tray, from one computer on the LAN or WAN using a VNC client (included) or web browser.
  • For high availability order KVT4IP16CATUV, which enables up to four IP sessions to simultaneously access different computers.
  • The IP engine supports resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 at 60Hz to ensure there is enough power to allow smooth KVM over IP control.

Control the modules using the OnScreen Display (OSD) menu, pushbuttons, hotkeys or mouse. Expand the system by using the ServSwitch CX UNO. Connect the CX Uno as a satellite using a single CATx cable.

With these switching modules, users can control a serial power switch, enable password security access with user profiles, respond to RS232 switching commands and much more.

KVMoIP modules come with free management software, simplifying the access, security, and management systems with larger numbers of computers or users.

Order the modules separately to expand your existing ServView17 with CX switching capabilities or order a ServView17 with build-in CX modules (see solution products below).

  • KVM over IP or KVM with extender remote access.
  • Multiplatform support using USB, PS/2 or Sun compatible SAMs.
  • IP models support VNC or web browser remote access.
  • CATx patch cables ensure neat rack installation.
  • Management Software included.

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