Black Box Slim-Net Cat.6 Patch UTP Network Cable

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Slim fit.
28-AWG Ethernet patch cables save space and reduce clutter in crowded telecom rooms and high-density data centers. With a diameter of only .161" , this 28-AWG cable is almost half the size of a typical 24-AWG cable. When you calculate the physical cable area in bundles and in patching connections, you'll actually save more than 50% space when compared to traditional cables.

Easier cable handling.
Because there's more space between patched 28-AWG cables, there's more space for handling when doing installs and MACs. A side benefit is improved air flow and port visibility.

Reduce cable management.
Because 28-AWG cables have a reduced footprint and increased flexibility, you can easily route cables without a cable manager. And you can gain 50% or more space in vertical cable managers.

Conserve rack space.
A major benefit of using 28-AWG cables is the ability to put more cables in high-density 1U or 2U patch panels freeing up valuable rack units. You can also eliminate or reduce the number of horizontal cable managers, freeing up even more space.

Big performance in a small cable.
Black Box 28-AWG cable conforms to all performance standards and passed channel testing. You can be assured of guaranteed-for-life performance.
  • Save space in crowded telecom rooms and data centers.
  • 28-AWG cable is nearly half the diameter of 24-AWG cable.
  • Reduce clutter in high-density cabinets and racks.
  • Tested up to 250 MHz.
  • Smaller diameter means easier cable handling.
  • Improve cable management.
  • Improve air flow.
  • Strain-relief boot with tab protects cables.
  • Guaranteed for life!

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