Black Box Vertical PDU - 15-Amp Single Circuit, 120V, 24-Outlet, 5-15R, 5-15P

Sale price$179.00


  • Provide power and protection directly to your rackmounted equipment with our 15-amp vertically mounted power strip.
  • Features 24 15-amp outlets.
  • Compact size makes it an easy fit for most cabinets.
  • A 15-amp circuit breaker and surge protector provide protection against voltage spikes and current overdraw.
  • Features an integral 6-foot (1.8-m) cord with molded plugs.

  • Meets UL 60950 standards.
  • Has 24 outlets.
  • Includes a 15-amp illuminated power switch and circuit breaker.
  • Provides 336 volts of surge protection and EMI filtering.

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