Bretford CUBE Cart

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Keep devices charged, secured and managed with the latest advances, innovations and safety requirements for deployment and provisioning of your electronic mobile assets.
  • Eco-Efficient Charging On-Demand Charging Needs: Devices are charged quickly and safely through a digital timer, each cart harnessing power from a single wall outlet.
  • Multi-Point Access Two Sizes. Four Capacities.: The front-loading configuration of our CUBE Cart can support up to 36 devices, providing security with a programmable combination padlock.
  • Size Matters Compact Footprint: Designed to optimize space, our CUBE Carts maneuver easily through standard doorways and store a wide array of laptops and tablets.
  • Cable Management: Notched hooks make it easy to organize cables and position cords neatly above devices.
  • Ready to Use: Built to last, each unit is fully-welded and produced with USA-sourced steel. Ships fully assembled and ready to use.
  • Brand Your Product: Choose from our standard palette of 16 colors, or customize further by adding your logo to brand your school or business.
  • Unmatched Safety: Our CUBE Carts are UL listed, ensuring the highest level of safety.

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