BTI L18D3PG2 Battery



Compatible Lenovo Chromebooks: 14e, 14e 81mH, S345-14AST, S345-14AST 81WX

Compatible OEM Part Numbers: L18D3PG2, 5B10T04978, L18M3PG2, 5B10T04979, L18D3PG2, 5B10T04980, 5B10W13939, 5B10W13940, 5B10W13941
  • Proprietary Battery Size battery - A convenient spare for your chromebook, giving you peace of mind
  • Rechargeable battery - Lasts longer on a single charge than its disposable counterparts
  • Takes lesser time to charge, compared to others
  • 11.52 V battery - Ensures a steady and uninterrupted supply to your chromebook

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