ChargeTech 8 Bay Pin Code Charging Locker

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Charging locker features eight locking bays to safely store devices as they charge. Each bay is large enough to also hold wallets, keys, cameras and more. A voice assistant guides users through the storing and retrieving process to eliminate any confusion. Pin-code keypad eliminates lost keys for guests. Each locker bay contains three cables (a combination of one Apple lightning for iPhone 5 and newer, one Micro-USB for android, and one Type-C for newer devices) to charge today's latest phones. Durable, industrial-grade materials protect from theft and frequent usage. Charging locker can be used with the ChargeTech Floor Stand (sold separately) and attaches to any wall.

  • Locking bays protect devices as they charge as well as other small valuables
  • Voice assistant ensures simple operation to prevent frustration
  • Pin-code keypad allows easy access and retrieval without need for keys
  • Durable materials hold up through frequent handling for lasting use
  • Versatile design can be used with floor stand or mounted to wall

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