Crucial 32GB Kit (2x16GB) DDR5-4800 SODIMM

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Reduced loading and file transfer times

Crucial DDR5 desktop memory can supercharge your system and transfer 1.5 times more data than DDR4 right out of the box, allowing you to enjoy faster upload, download and file transfer times, and faster download times. lower refreshes and latency. Thanks to its more efficient buses, DDR5 technology is not only faster than the last generation, it is better.

Multi-tasking made easy

Crucial DDR5 memory is 50% faster at release than DDR4 , for out-of-the-box extreme performance. Best of all, it's optimized for improved performance and multi-tasking in both test and real-world conditions. Your computer stays more responsive than ever, even when you have many tabs open or switch between applications.

Extreme innovation for stable performance

Crucial DDR5 memory design surpasses the previous generation with two independent 32-bit channels per module for optimized performance. Component-level on-die ECC (ODECC) technology allows Crucial DDR5 to remain as reliable over the long term as the previous generation, even for high-powered next-gen computing applications.

Optimized energy efficiency

To improve efficiency and stability, Crucial DDR5 incorporates a power management circuit board (PMIC) to regulate module voltage, similar to motherboards using previous types of memory. The signals are improved and the power supply of the modules is cleaner (DIMM). In addition, the operational voltage of the DDR5 module is only 1.1 V, compared to 1.2 V for DDR4.

Micron ® quality , the guarantee of proven reliability

Crucial, as a brand vertically integrated with Micron, is trusted by millions of consumers for its reliability, performance and compatibility. Unlike module assemblers, our unique relationship with Micron involves a deeper level of design collaboration that helps push the performance of our products to the max without compromising reliability. Crucial DDR5 memory, in addition to a lifetime warranty , is backed by Micron's 43+ years of manufacturing excellence and Crucial's 25+ years of consumer product development to deliver powerful performance. and reliable. When it comes to memory, don't settle for less.

  • Enables efficient and smooth execution of all your heavy-duty applications with maximum productivity
  • Up to 4800 MHz speed with unbuffered signal and CL40 latency for playing the latest games and using heavy software
  • 32 GB of memory to maintain symmetry with processor and hard drive and bring out the ultimate computing experience
  • The DDR5 SDRAM efficiently move data across electric components and provide smooth PC performance
  • 2 x 16GB modules for quick access and retrieval of data and information to ensure maximum usability
  • 262-pin pins for enhanced, dependable system performance with maximum usability
  • CL40 CAS latency for quicker access to the required location in a timely efficient manner
  • Notebook device support for your ram module for maximum productivity and convenience
  • SoDIMM form factor with 262-pin pins and 32 GB memory size for enhanced performance and speed to allow maximum usability
  • Unbuffered signal processing allows higher accuracy and enhanced ram module performance

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