CyberPower MBP15A6 120 VAC 15A Maintenance Bypass PDU

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The CyberPower MBP15A6, a 6-outlet (rear), 1U Maintenance Bypass Power Distribution Unit (MBP PDU), provides 100-120 VAC 15A output (derated to 12A) to 6 NEMA 5-15R receptacles. Designed for datacenters and other electrically demanding applications, the MBP15A6 allows the seamless transfer of an electrical load from UPS power to utility power for uninterrupted operation of the connected equipment when performing maintenance, replacing batteries, or installing a new UPS.

A 6-foot AC cord connects to utility power; a 3.3-foot AC cord connects to the output power of the UPS. The UPS draws input power from the MBP15A6 through a dedicated NEMA 5-15R separate from the outlets for connected devices. When the switch on the front of the MBP15A6 is turned from Normal to Bypass, or from Bypass to Normal, the power that the MBP supplies to connected devices moves from one input power source to another. The LED display indicates which power source is active.

Rugged, industrial-grade metal housing protects the MBP15A6. With a 1U form factor, this PDU can be mounted in a standard server rack. Its mounting hardware also enables it to be connected to a UPS for tower configurations. The MBP15A6 is UL and RoHS compliant. A three-year limited warranty covers the PDU for three years and connected equipment for as long as you own the product.

Power Distribution
Delivers AC power to servers, equipment, and connected devices via a power distribution unit.

Maintenance Bypass
Qualified personnel can use the bypass feature to disconnect the PDU from the UPS without disrupting power to connected equipment. This feature allows connected equipment to operate seamlessly during maintenance periods, battery replacement, or UPS installation.

Manual Bypass Switch
When the Manual Bypass Switch is turned to Normal, connected equipment is supplied by UPS output. When the Manual Bypass Switch is turned to Bypass, connected equipment is supplied by utility power.

Network-Grade Plugs and Outlets
Highly durable construction ensures the efficient distribution of power in demanding IT or industrial environments to servers, equipment, and connected devices.

1U Form Factor & Mounting Hardware
The 1U form factor is made to be mounted in a standard server rack. Mounting hardware allows the PDU to be connected to a UPS for tower configurations.

Durable Metal Housing
Protects internal components and resists damage from impact or abrasions within challenging industrial environments. Also extends the life of the product.

Three-Year Limited Warranty
Covers defects in materials and workmanship in the product under normal use and conditions. See warranty for details.

What's In The Box

PDU, 6-ft. utility cord, 3.3-ft. UPS cord, 2 Rackmount Brackets, 4 Flat Head Screws M4X8L, 4 Pan Head Screws M5X12L, User Manual, Registration Card

  • Two attached 5-15P PDU input cords connect to separate Utility and UPS power sources, (6) NEMA 5-15R output connections
  • Manual transfer switch controls PDU input power source
  • Bypass PDU supports replacement of standard UPS systems for maintenance with no interruption of connected equipment
  • 100-120V AC - 15A electrical capacity
  • Rugged, industrial-grade metal housing, 1U Rackmount with mounting hardware

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