CyberPower RB1270B Replacement Battery Cartridge

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The RB1270B UPS Replacement Battery Cartridge restores life to CyberPower UPS systems that have weak or completely depleted internal batteries. The RB1270B contains one 12V/7AH battery, certified to meet or exceed original manufacturer specifications. This leak-proof, sealed lead-acid battery never requires replacement fluid. The pre-assembled cartridge installs easily in your CyberPower UPS system and is shipped with reusable packaging for delivering expired batteries to a suitable recycling center. The RB1270B comes with instructions, recycling information, and an eighteen-month warranty.

UPS CompatibilityAVRG750U

Sealed Lead-Acid Battery
Supplies high surge currents, provides robust power-to-weight ratios, and is cost-effective.

Maintenance-Free Battery Fluid
Never requires replacement.

Leak-Proof Casing
Protects the sealed lead-acid battery and prolongs battery life.

User-Installable Cartridge

Allows for quick and convenient installation; each cartridge is pre-assembled.

Reusable Packaging

Provides for conveniently delivering expired batteries to a recycling center. After installing the new cartridge, place the old one in the reusable packaging.

OEM Certified

CyberPower batteries meet or exceed original manufacturer specifications.

Eighteen-Month Warranty

Covers defects in materials and workmanship in the product under normal use and conditions within eighteen months of the purchase date. See warranty for details.
  • Sealed Lead-Acid Battery
  • Maintenance-Free Battery Fluid
  • Leak-Proof Casing
  • User-Installable Cartridge
  • OEM Certified
  • Eighteen-Month Warranty

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