Fellowes Powershred® Shredder Oil - 12 Oz. Bottle

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Powershred Shredder Lubricant conditions the cutters to extend the life of your shredder. For best results, oil shredder each time you empty the wastebasket or a minimum of twice a month. 12 oz. plastic squeeze bottle with extended nozzle ensures complete coverage. Lubricant is designed for use with all Fellowes cross-cut and micro-cut shredders.

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  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fellowes recommends oiling your shredder every time you empty the bin
  • 12 oz. squeeze bottle with cap
  • Extended nozzle for easy application and complete coverage
  • Maximizes performance and extends shredder life by slowing blade wear
  • Specifically designed for all Fellowes Cross-Cut and Micro Cut shredders

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