Gefen Small Fiber Optic Pigtail Module Extends DVI up to 1000 feet

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Pigtail module DVI extension using a singlestrand multimode fiber optic cable with HDCP support.

The DVI fiber optic pigtail module extender with HDCP support extends DVI up to 1000 feet (300 meters) using single-strand 50/125µm multimode (OM2) SC-terminated fiber optic cable to a supporting display at 1920 x1200 WUXGA resolution. Optical signal transmission provides galvanic isolation and immunity to electromagnetic interference compared to similar copper based extension modules.

The pigtail design of the Sender and Receiver modules relieves stress and clutter on the source and display connector panels. Their compact design makes them ideal for fitting neatly behind equipment for a clean installation, making it a great way to easily extend DVI.

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