Intellinet Network Solutions 2-Port RJ45 Ethernet Splitter-Combiner, Female to Male, FTP

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  • Allows two RJ45 ports to share one Cat5 shielded network cable
  • Allows you to only lay one cable run for two connections
  • Used in pairs (one modular distributor on each end of the network cable)
  • Requires a coupler (female to female) for connection on each end of the network cable
  • Couplers not included
  • This item is not a 2-port hub or switch, and it cannot be used in this fashion. These must be used in pairs, one at each end of a CAT5 cable. Allows you to run two Ethernet circuits over the same CAT5 cable run. Used to add a second device without the need to run another cable to the same location. It WILL NOT create 2 ports from 1 switch/hub port.

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