Intellinet Network Solutions Cat5e UTP Network Patch Cable, 3 ft (1.0 m), Pink

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  • Impedance Matched
    Wire and connectors are carefully matched to virtually eliminate echoing and cancellation, guaranteeing high-speed, error-free transmission.
  • Gold-Plated Contacts
    Gold plating eliminates corrosion and provides maximum conductivity to ensure data integrity.
  • Unique PVC Jacket
    Exclusive polymer technology provides unsurpassed durability and flexibility.
  • Snag-Free Boots
    Prevent cable kinks and bent pins when removing them from patch panels.
  • Strain Relief
    Increases strength while sustaining maximum flexibility even under extreme conditions.
  • Standards Tested
    Meets or exceeds current Cat5e proposed standards.

  • This network cable provides splendid performance and clear connectivity
  • Features Category 5e cable type for your convenience and desired usability
  • Fully compatible with network devices

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