Intellinet Network Solutions Fiber Optic Patch Cable, LC-LC, OM3, 50-125, Multimode, Duplex, Aqua, 33 ft (10 m)

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Information carried in the form of light provides a vast array of features and benefits.

Superior Transmission Distance
It is not unusual for optical systems to go over 100 kilometres (km), or about 62 miles.

Enhanced Security
It is impossible to remotely detect a signal being transmitted within a fibre cable. The only way to do so is by actually accessing the optical fibre itself. This makes fibre extremely attractive to governmental bodies, banks and other businesses with major security concerns.

No Metallic Components
fibre optic cable can be installed in areas with electromagnetic interference (EMI). This includes areas around utility lines, power-carrying lines and railroad tracks. fibre is also ideal for areas of high lightning-strike incidence.
  • Offers a reliable network connectivity
  • Features Fiber Optic cable type
  • For extra fire safety, the cable features a halogen-free jacket
  • 2 x LC Male Network offers a secure and reliable connection with a compatible network device

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