IOGEAR 2-Port 4K UHD DisplayPort KVMP with Keyboard and Mouse

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DisplayPort KVMP Switch with Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

IOGEAR's 2-Port 4K UHD DisplayPort KVMP bundle comes complete with a set of IOGEAR's state-of-the-art wireless keyboard and mouse. Streamline your 4K setup with this computer switch, IOGEAR's low-profile keyboard and touch sensor mouse. With a combination of 4K UHD resolution support, the next generation USB3.0 hub, and enhanced user-friendly operation, IOGEAR's DisplayPort KVMP Bundle provides the latest innovations in DisplayPort KVM technology and convenience in desktop setup. Your most affordable computer switching connectivity solution is ready for setup straight out-of-the-box!

Tacturus Keyboard and Mouse

The Tacturus keyboard and mouse set is the perfect compliment to your digital desktop. The Chiclet style key layout on the keyboard allows for extra space in between the keys and a slightly larger key area to improve typing accuracy. The built-in touch pad on the mouse allows for a more comfortable navigating experience. The mouse supports both vertical and horizontal animation scrolling.

Smart Connectivity

Switching between computers cannot be any easier. A convenient push button located on the front of the KVM provides quick and easy access your second computer. Additionally, switch between computers easily by typing in hotkey combination from the keyboard. The Power on Detection feature ensures that this KVMP will automatically connect to the next powered on computer. The built in USB3.0 ports allows connectivity of up to SuperSpeed 5Gbps data transfer speeds and provides backwards compatibility with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 legacy devices.

Save Time and Money When You Bundle

Avoid unplugging and plugging USB peripherals, monitors and other devices between two computers. Share your peripherals with the push of a button and forget about purchasing additional keyboards, mice, monitors, hard drives, flash drives, printers and more. This KVMP stays up to date by allowing firmware updates and eliminates the need to purchase upgraded KVMP switches. Additionally, this bundle allows us to offer a great feeling keyboard and mouse at a fantastic price.

More from the Manufacturer

  • DisplayPort KVMP:
  • Switch between 2 computers at the push of a button
  • Control 2 computers using a single keyboard, mouse, and DisplayPort video console
  • Superior video quality - 4K UHD (3840x2160 @30Hz)
  • DisplayPort 1.1 and HDCP compliant
  • 2-Port USB 3.0 Hub with SuperSpeed 5Gbps transfer rate
  • DP++ supports HDMI and DVI output1
  • Switch between computers via front panel pushbuttons, hotkeys
  • Independent switching of the video, USB, and audio
  • Supports superior HD quality audio2

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