IOGEAR 2-Port HD Cable KVM with MiniDisplayPort Adapters Bundle

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2-Port Cable HDMI / Mini DisplayPort KVM Switch
  • Switch between two computers with the push of a button
  • Offers the flexibility to mix and match computer connections: HDMI and Mini DisplayPort
  • Includes 2 x Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapters
  • No external power needed
  • Cost effective, Plug-N-Play solution
HD and Mini DisplayPort Mix & Match Solution

IOGEAR's HD and Mini DisplayPort KVM Solution enables effortless control over two computers using a single USB keyboard, a USB mouse and a monitor with HDMI connection or HDTV. This bundle is perfect for a home office or small / medium size business, as it offers the flexibility of choosing between HDMI and/or Mini DisplayPort connections. Take advantage of your existing computers, and use the included Mini DisplayPort adapters to display your content on a large HDMI display or HDMI projector.

Display Support for HD Resolution

The advanced 2-port HD cable KVM is HDCP compliant and supports 720p or 1080p HD resolutions on large or widescreen monitors with HDMI connections, required in environments such as:

  • Desktop Publishing / Graphic Design / Video Editing
  • Digital Home Entertainment
  • High-End Gaming, where high video resolution (1080p HD) is demanded

Also, the included Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter supports the DisplayPort 1.1a standard, giving you the ability to send high resolution video up to 1920x1200 to your external HDMI display or projector.

Straight Forward Connectivity

For added accessibility, the cable HD KVM features USB 2.0 peripheral sharing via the mouse port; connect a powered USB Hub to expand your USB connectivity. Simply connect your microphone and set of powered speakers to the KVM switch and enjoy rich bass in surround sound from the connected computer. The HD - DisplayPort Cable KVM bundle is a simple Plug-N-Play out-of-box solution, including all of the necessary cabling required to fit your needs.

Cost Effective Security

The 2-Port HD Cable KVM Switch with Audio is a simple Plug-N-Play out-of-box solution, including all of the necessary cabling required to fit your needs. It offers a cost effective solution to increase security by allowing users to switch between the Internet connected PC and an Intranet connected PC. This HDMI KVM switch works seamlessly with multiplatform OS such as Windows®, Mac OS®, Oracle®, and Linux®.

More from the Manufacturer

  • Share a display with HDMI connection, a USB keyboard and mouse, with 2 USB computers
  • Separate the Internet and Intranet with the click of a button
  • Full 1080p and up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz
  • Digital Audio support
  • HDCP Compliant
  • Multi OS platform support
  • Works with game consoles
  • Port switching via remote switch button, mouse or hotkeys
  • Hotkeys allows independent KVM and audio switching between computers
  • Includes 2.1 stereo sound and microphone support

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