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IOGEAR's Touch Point Stylus is the perfect compliment to your tablet, smartphone, iPad or any other capacitive touch device. Coming in a 3-pack, keep a stylus at the office, home, and with you on the go. The durable, compact design allows you to take and store wherever you like. The patented rubber surface at the point of the stylus is sensitive at any angle, providing amazing accuracy when sliding, drawing, double tapping, playing games and taking notes on your capacitive device. Soft like your finger, the rubber point will not scratch your screen, or leave finger smudge marks.

IOGEAR's Touch Point Stylus is designed for those who have difficulty composing text with the small on-screen keyboards integrated in most smartphones. Whether you live, or travel to cold climate areas, you no longer need to take off your gloves to access the various applications of your smartphone, tablet, or iPad. Keep a stylus in your winter coat!

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  • Works with: smartphones, tablets, and other devices with capacitive touch surface
  • Access your touch screen device in cold weather without removing your gloves
  • Keep your touch screen device clean and smudge free
  • Perfect for those that have small on-screen keyboards and have difficulty touching desired letters / commands with their fingers
  • Rubber surface tip is soft like your finger to prevent scratching the screen on your device
  • Patented conductive round stylus end, sensitive at any angle that provides accuracy when sliding, drawing, double-tapping to zoom, and taking notes
  • Durable, compact design allows for easy portability and storage
  • 3-Pack: keep one at the office, at home and with you on the go.

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