JAR Systems Emulator Charging Cables for Lenovo Devices 4-Pack of USB-C PD to 7.90 x 5.55 mm Connectors

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Connect Devices to USB-C Power Delivery Technology

Leverage USB-C PD technology to charge devices with non-USB-C charging ports. Emulator cables allow connecting devices to USB-C charging stations without expensive AC adapter chargers.
  • Reduce Cable Clutter: 12" cables provide a convenient charging connection without device AC charging adapters.
  • Wide Compatibility: Available adapter cables for most common devices to connect to the USB-C PD power sources. Choose the specific compatible cable for the charging port on your devices.

  • 4-pack cables, 12 in USB-C PD male input to 7.90 x 5.55 mm male output
  • Built-in USB-C PD emulator trigger
  • Compatible with JAR Systems brand 8-port Universal USB-C Charging Dock, 4-port Adapt4 USB-C Charging Stations, Active Charge Power Banks, and other USB-C PD Chargers

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