Kensington Anti-Fatigue Mat

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Stand in Durable Comfort

The Kensington Anti-Fatigue Mat combines superior gel comfort with professional durability to provide the perfect companion for standing workstations. Maximizing the health benefits of standing while working, the Anti-Fatigue Mat is made of the highest quality materials and ergonomically engineered to reduce fatigue on legs, back and feet at the office, laboratory, workshop, kitchen or garage.

  • Ergonomically Engineered to stimulate blood circulation and reduce fatigue on legs, back and feet by providing better pressure distribution and significantly reducing contact stress.
  • Patented Rubberized-Gel Foam is 17mm thick and provides superior performance over thicker polyurethane foam competitors, offering unmatched tensile strength to resist tearing, an easy-to-clean waterproof and oil-resistant surface, enhanced shock absorption, and better durability for high traffic areas to ensure mat will not break down or compress over time.
  • NFSI Certified Anti-Slip Surface reduces slipping concerns and ensures mat stays in place.
  • ADA-Compliant Beveled Edge ensures mat will not roll-up, is trip-resistant, and provides 18° angle for office chair to roll up on with ease.
  • Non-Toxic & Flame Resistant materials are vinyl and BPA-free, supporting stricter environmental standards than most polyurethane foam competitors, and meet Cal 117 fire safety standards.
  • Ships Flat to prevent unwanted creases and curled edges. Compatible with Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Microsoft Surface Pro (2017)

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