Kensington MagPro Privacy Screen Filter

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Laptop privacy screen features a magnetic strip to provide a damage-free way to prevent others from viewing your screen. Thin construction allows you to close your laptop and enter sleep mode without removal. Limited viewing angle narrows the field of vision to around 30 degrees to help keep the information on your screen private and reduce the chances of a visual data breach. Blue light reduction filters out harmful rays by up to 22 percent to ease eyestrain and reduce the chances of blue light interrupting natural sleep patterns. Low reflective coating reduces glare from outside light sources for improved viewing clarity. Reversible viewing has a matte finish on one side to reduce glare and fingerprints. The other side is glossy to provide a clearer view of your screen.

  • Magnetic integration prevents damage and eliminates any setup process
  • Thin construction allows laptop to close and enter sleep mode
  • Limited viewing angle protects from visual data breach
  • Blue light reduction filters harmful rays by up to 22%
  • Low-reflective coating reduces glare for enhanced viewing clarity

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