KoamTac KDC180 Safety Glove

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Rugged and Comfortable Performance

The KDC180 finger trigger glove is the perfect hands-free data collecting solution. Constructed from of durable, yet lightweight and cut-resistant yarn, the Safety Glove fits comfortably on the hand whether bare or covered with a work or winter glove.

The KDC180 easily and securely snaps into place on on the cap located on the back side of the palm. The low profile of the KDC on top of the hand reduces strain and interference when carrying or sorting through objects increasing ease of use and productivity.

Gloves are available for the left and right hand. Sizes include small and large.

  • Work glove gives perfect protection from occupational risk or hazard
  • Ideal choice for your application
  • Made of durable stuff for long lasting experience

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