Man & Machine Premium Waterproof Disinfectable Silent 12" Keyboard

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Slim Cool

The Slim Cool is a 12 inch wide Medical Grade, water-resistant keyboard with tactile feedback keys.

The sealed and rigid surface is ideal for industrial, marine, and medical use, as well as other applications where moisture, cleaning, and durability are a consideration.

No "Key-Clicks"

Because the Slim Cool is also quieter than "standard" keyboards, they are great for applications where noise generated from "key-clicks" is a problem.

  • Conveniently allows you to enter data faster with maximum efficiency
  • The USB interface allows easy connectivity with your Computer
  • Industrial Silicon Rubber key switch technology for maximum efficiency with hassle-free convenience
  • Quiet Keys keyboard/keypad feature for better reliance and usability
  • Quickly and easily connect with the computer
  • Plug and Play your keyboard with the Mac and go

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