Manhattan Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Adapter



Manhattan Mini DisplayPort Adapters provide a solution that delivers both high-definition digital audio and video signals between desktop and notebook computers and an output device. With 10.8 Gbps bandwidth (1080 Mbps), DeepColor and 24-bit, eight-channel uncompressed audio capability, the 20-pin connector is small, compact and ideal for use with Mini DisplayPort-equipped devices, flat-panel displays, slim-profile devices and many future consumer electronics. Full foil-and-braided shielding, protective PVC jackets and gold-plated connections help Manhattan Mini DisplayPort Adapters provide maximum conductivity and clear, crisp signal transmissions with reduced EMI interference and distortion.

  • A/V adapter offers perfect audio and video compatibility
  • Gold contact plating is highly conductive in nature
  • Gold connector plating gives corrosion protection
  • Get a great level of detail with 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • High-quality standard DisplayPort/Mini DisplayPort adapter

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