Monoprice Desktop Microphone Stand with Gooseneck & Solid Base

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Desktop Microphone Stand with Gooseneck & Solid Base

Conveniently place and move your microphone with this Desktop Microphone Stand from Monoprice!

This desktop stand firmly rests in place even while it is being adjusted as it is made of cast-iron. The base also has a diameter of 6.25" for stable positioning and features three rubber feet to protect the surface of any table or desk you may place it on.

The stand has a removable 11.5" gooseneck that can support the weight of a variety of microphones.

  • The sturdy design Microphone Holder gives protection to your gadget
  • Features flexible gooseneck mechanism for perfect grip and support
  • Highly durable Cast Iron
  • Get quick access to your content

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