Monoprice Entegrade Cat.7 S-FTP Network Cable

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Monoprice Cat7 is tested to a very high 600MHz standard, meaning superior performance in 10 Gigabit applications. Monoprice Cat7 is great for datacenters, server rooms, and telecommunications rooms


When space is at a premium, Monoprice Cat7 helps reduce congestion. At 30% thinner than traditional 23 AWG Cat7 cables, Monoprice's 26 AWG Cat7 cables also feature a snagless boot design. These compact, snagless, and flexible cables are easier to cleanly route in high density environments.


Monoprice Cat7 cable is considered the most durable and has a longer lifespan than Cat5 and Cat6, and is the best choice for wiring with the future in mind.


All Monoprice cables come with a Lifetime Warranty. You can rest assured that Monoprice stands behind its cables and its customers!


  • 600MHz rated speed
  • The FlexBoot connector head is easy on the fingers, while still offering connector protection
  • Shielded (S/FTP) cable allows for maximum performance while minimizing EMI and RFI
  • Thinner 26AWG gauge makes the it more flexible than traditional 23AWG cables
  • 50µm gold plated contacts offer maximum corrosion resistance for the most reliable connections
  • Available in lengths from 1ft up to 100ft
  • Durable connector is perfect for running through conduits or cabinets
  • CMX rating meets UL 1581 requirement
  • Specially designed step-less modular connector is slimmer and fits in more places
  • All Monoprice cables come with a Lifetime Warranty, so you can rest assured that Monoprice stands behind its cables, and its customers!

Monoprice's Cat7 F/STP Ethernet Patch Cables are designed for environments where speed is priority. Monoprice's Cat7 5.7mm diameter 26AWG cable and step-less boot design reduces congestion and simplifies moves, adds, and changes. Monoprice Cat7 is tested to 600Mhz, meaning better performance over Cat6A rated cables. Backed up by Monoprice's Lifetime Warranty, Monoprice Cat7 is the ultimate patch cable for demanding high bandwidth environments.

  • Experience a simpler way to connect devices with the entire business network
  • Features Category 7 cable type
  • Features Flexible

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