NVIDIA MCX631102AN-ADAT ConnectX-6 Lx EN Adapter Card 25GbE Crypto Disabled

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NVIDIA MCX631102AN-ADAT ConnectX-6 Lx EN Adapter Card 25GbE Dual-Port SFP28 PCIe 4.0 x8 No Crypto Tall BracketNVIDIA ConnectX-6 Lx Ethernet SmartNIC

Providing up to two ports of 25GbE connectivity, and PCIe Gen 3.0/4.0 x8 host connectivity, ConnectX-6 Lx MCX631102AS-ADAT is a member of NVIDIA's world-class, award-winning, ConnectX family of network adapters. Continuing NVIDIA's consistent innovation in networking, ConnectX-6 Lx provides agility and efficiency at every scale. ConnectX-6 Lx delivers cutting edge 25GbE performance and security for uncompromising data centers.

SmartNIC Portfolio

  • 10/25 Gb/s Ethernet
  • Various form factors:
    • PCIe low-profile
    • OCP 3.0 Small Form Factor (SFF)
  • Connectivity options:
    • SFP28
  • PCIe Gen 3.0/4.0 x8
  • Crypto and non-crypto versions

Features & Applications

  • Line speed message rate of 75Mpps
  • Advanced RoCE
  • ASAP2
  • Accelerated Switching and Packet Processing
  • IPsec in-line crypto acceleration
  • Overlay tunneling accelerations
  • Stateful rule checking for connection tracking
  • Hardware Root-of-Trust and secure firmware update
  • Best-in-class PTP performance
  • ODCC compatible


  • Enterprise data centers
  • Cloud-native, Web 2.0, hyperscale
  • Secured infrastructure
  • Telco and Network Function Virtualization (NFV)

  • This 25Gigabit Ethernet card will surely cater to the bandwidth requirements of the next-gen cloud and Web-scale environments
  • This dual port 25gigabit ethernet card lets you add two network ports using a single expansion slot to a client, server or workstation
  • Supports optical fiber cable to span longer distances and provides data transmission rates par excellence between servers and network components

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