Panda Adaptive Defense 360 - 1 Year

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Panda Adaptive Defense is a security suite that integrates Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions, with a unique 100% Classification Service, all delivered via a single lightweight agent. Both Classification and Threat Hunting and Investigation are provided as a service, automating the decision process around the trustworthiness of active processes, and stopping malicious applications and processes from executing without human intervention. The combination of these solutions and services provides highly detailed visibility of all endpoint activity, control of all running processes, and the reduction of the attack surface.

  • Combines traditional Endpoint Protection with Endpoint Detection and Response technology into a single solution
  • Prevention, detection and response for malware and malwareless attacks under a single lightweight agent
  • Real time and historical visibility of all endpoint activity with highly detailed information
  • 100% Classification of all running processes with 99.98% from machine learning and .02% from Panda's expert analysts
  • Threat Hunting and Investigation delivered as a service eliminating the need for dedicated resources to manage the solution

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