Panorama Antennas Sharkee SH-IN2442 Antenna

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The SH-IN2442 has a compact OEM style shark fin housing that contains 2x2 MiMo antenna function for 4G/3G/2G & 3.8GHz 5G LTE.

  • OEM shark fin styling
  • 2x2 MiMo 2G/3G/4G & 3.8GHz 5G LTE
  • Available in Black or White

The shark fin style design provides multiple antenna functions while remaining discreet and is suitable for public safety (overt/covert), industrial and transport applications where a cost effective, efficient and robust antenna is essential. Requiring only a single hole mounting, the antenna reduces vehicle damage, installation time & cost and visual impact whilst protecting a vehicle's resale value.

  • Operates at 26 dB gain
  • This antenna is an excellent choice for cellular network
  • Can be mounted as panel/whip mount

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