Prismview XPR-B 8mm Digital Signage Display

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XPR-B Series LED signage solution | Samsung's Flexible All-In-One Package | Highlights
  • All-in-one package that reduces installation time and eases on-site setup
  • Ability to put displays back-to-back
  • Captivate and entertain viewers with remarkable, vibrant images
  • Designed with a low profile to engage audiences constantly
  • Flexible, seamless installation through a distinctive cabinet and captive mounting points
  • Create, schedule and deploy content easily through an integrated management platform
  • Monitor and manage display performance through a single central interface
As businesses seek new avenues to attract customers, LED displays have emerged as a more versatile upgrade to static analog signage. However, some business owners have avoided making the switch, fearing they do not have the time or technical expertise to successfully implement a LED option. Samsung's XPR-B Series LED Solution alleviates these concerns with an all-in-one display package that includes LED signage and content management solution.

With a stress-free installation of uni-body cabinet structure, businesses do not need to worry about a cumbersome setup. Each LED display comes with an integrated content management solution that allows users to conveniently create, schedule and deploy exclusive content that is inviting to customers. Samsung's reliable, ready-made displays simplify the LED transition process and generate new possibilities to stand out among its competitors.

Introducing, the XPR-B series cabinet
Samsung has designed and installed some of the most iconic digital displays throughout the world. We've incorporated the knowledge gained from thousands of displays installations into the XPR-B Series cabinet.

Low profile design
XPR-B Series' cabinet increases the aesthetics of the display by reducing the visual presence of the cabinet. At only 5" deep, the display integrates within the surrounding structure; to put is simply, viewers see the message, not the cabinet.

Front ventilation
The XPR-B Series' unique ventilation system has air intake and exhaust all through the front face of the display. This removes the burden of side and rear air flow requirements. This critical innovation allows for flush mounting of the cabinet within a structure.

Designed to impress
The XPR-B series is designed with a sleek style and slim depth is attributed to its front ventilation system and captive mounting points. This slim design does not distract audiences away from the content presented and complements the site where the displays installed.

Ease of installation
Incorporating the XPR-B series into any business is straightforward and stress-free. With a distinctive cabinet design, the display is tailored to the user's needs with a flexible and effortless installation. In addition, users may obtain the LED Signage in as little as two weeks.

  • Digital Signage Display delivers a highly realistic sound and immersive visual experience thanks to the high pixel density that shows even the most subtle details
  • Experience luminescent visual images with LCD display
  • LED backlight enhances display performance that delivers an outstanding color range and contrast ratios

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