QNAP 2.5-inch 6Gbps SAS to SATA Drive Adapter

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The QDA-SA3 adapter is designed for QNAP's dual-controller all-flash array Enterprise ZFS NAS (ES2486dc) and allows the usage of a SATA 6Gbps drive in a 2.5-inch SAS 12Gbps/6Gbps drive bay - providing the ability to expand storage capacity with cost-effective SATA drives.

Supports 2.5-inch SATA HDD/SSD.
Up to 6Gb/s file transfer speeds.
The installed SATA drive can share SAS dual-port advantages for higher reliability.

SAS dual-port advantage for fault tolerance

SAS features dual porting for redundancy, eliminating single points of failure and allowing for higher reliability and performance. By installing a SATA drive with the QDA-SA3 into a dual-controller all-flash Enterprise ZFS NAS, the SATA drive can share these SAS dual-port advantages to ensure a high-availability, fault tolerant enterprise storage environment.

Designed for all-flash Enterprise ZFS NAS

The QDA-SA3 can be easily installed in the 2.5-inch disk tray of an all-flash array Enterprise ZFS NAS (ES2486dc disk tray model: TRAY-25-NK-BLK04).

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