Raritan CompuSwitch CS8R KVM Switch

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Premium Performance and Reliability:
CompuSwitch CS8R is built with Raritan's unique, intelligent emulation technology, which dedicates an individual processor to each connected computer so that each server always sees its own keyboard and mouse. This prevents keyboard and mouse lockups and ensures flawless boot-up and operation of any mix of servers running any operating system.

Select servers directly by touching the individual port buttons on the front panel or by using hot-key commands from the keyboard. Standard features like AutoScan and AutoSkip make operation simple and convenient. To extend computers and cascaded units up to 3,300 feet, use Raritan's Cat5 Reach or FiberReach II.
  • Switch between sources by using this KVM Switchbox without degradation of performance and eliminate the manual work
  • Features 1600 x 1200 resolution
  • The rack-mountable form factor provides convenient installation

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