Raritan Dominion KX IV-101 Ultra High Performance 1-Port 4K KVM-over-IP Switch

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Dominion KX IV-101 - Raritan's fourth generation single-port KVM-over-IP switch Gateway, provides a new level of Ultra HD performance for KVM-over-IP remote management. More powerful than any other KVM-over-IP switch, it supports unblocked, Java-free anytime / anywhere, BIOS-level remote access of servers, PCs and workstations. The KX IV connects to a single computer, providing unblocked access to multiple users via laptop, PC or Dominion User Station.

The KX IV-101 supports access to servers with 4K video resolution (3840x2160), up to 30 frames per second with 4:2:2 color. It also supports HD resolutions up to 1920x1080 and 1920x1200 at up to 60 frames per second with high quality 4:4:4 color. The KX IV has an all-digital architecture for ultra fast video performance and high video quality, with virtual media transfers up to 3 times faster than the Dominion KX III. The KX IV has user-configurable bandwidth to operate across LAN, WAN and Internet.

The KX IV supports many of the popular Dominion features such as: virtual media, absolute mouse synchronization, LDAP/Radius/AD authentication, AES encryption, support for up to 8 simultaneous sessions, and much more. Users can use the Dominion KVM Clients for Java-free access, as well as the Dominion KX User Stations for high performance access in labs, studios and control rooms.

Dominion KX IV is incredibly scalable. A large number of KX IV switches can be integrated through the Dominion User Station and/or Raritan's CommandCenter Secure Gateway, with convenient single sign-on. The powerful Dominion User Station works standalone or with CommandCenter.

Raritan DKX4-101 Features

  • Single-port, unblocked, BIOS-level, KVM-over-IP Access for up to 8 users
  • 4K Ultra HD (@30Hz) HDMI Video Performance
  • 1080p @ 60 frames-per-second & High Quality 4:4:4 Color
  • HDMI input with cables available for VGA, DVI, DisplayPort, Mini-DP & USB-C
  • 3X Faster USB Virtual Media
  • HDMI Audio support
  • Java-Free, Anytime/Anywhere Access
  • Input / Output Device Control
    • Power on/off PC/Server
  • Access from Laptop, PC, and optional User Station
  • New Platform / User Interface
  • Pass-through Local Port for local control
  • CommandCenter & User Station integration

Raritan DKX4-101 Highlights

The Broadest Array of Video Support in a Single-Port IP KVM

The most compatible IP KVMs in the market, the Dominion KX4-101 Over-IP Gateways support:

  • Quickly switches between sources without physical access
  • Let you connect 1 computers to 1 local users
  • Features 4096 x 2160 resolution
  • USB port for easy connectivity
  • KVM Switchbox can be mounted as rack-mountable

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