Rocstor 2-Port HDMI Splitter with USB Power-4K

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Rocstor Premium HDMI® 4Kx2K HD 2-Port Splitter distributes a HDMI video source at four-times the resolution of 1080p, to two HDMI video displays. It supports full 3D format and 4Kx2K and the video amplifier bandwidth will support up to 3.4 Gpbs/340MHz. Offering you an astonishingly high-quality picture graphics. Being backward compatible, this amazingly 4K video splitter allows you to connect an existing HDMI port and provide 4K/1080p/720p high resolution display on your computer screens, cameras, and cable TV. This saves you from the charges of buying additional display components by working seamlessly with the ones you already have at home or offices. Moreover, this premium quality splitter can be connected with stereoscopic 3D video source on active or passive 3D displays.

Rocstor HDMI splitter, offers the highest quality signal transmission and it is made up of materials that guarantee high performance and failure resistance. It easily powered by the USB cable or an included power adapter for your convenience. It features a built-in HDMI source cable and it enables you to connect the splitter directly to your HDMI source without the requirement of any additional cable. This HDMI splitter is super easy to use and travel friendly. Backed by Rocstor's 2 years warranty and lifetime phone support.

  • Rocstor HDMI splitter with high quality and performance
  • Supports dual monitor with single input signal and 3D video
  • Very easy to use and carry
  • High definition display on both monitors
  • Consistent performance under heavy usage
  • OS independent

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