Rocstor Premium USB-C to USB-A Converter M-F - USB 2.0 - USB Type C to Adapter Converter - For use of USB C devices such as Macbook Pro, MacBook, Chromebook, and other USB-C devices - 1 Pack - 1 x USB Type C Male - 1 x USB Type A Female - Black

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Rocstor Premium USB-C Male to USB-A 2.0 Female compact converter connects your legacy computer or device to the newer USB Type-C devices. This compat adapter allows you to connect your new USB-C device accessories to USB-A 2.0 ports. Rocstor USB-C adapter is sea mless and simple to use, just plug the USB-C end of the adapter into your computer with USB-C port, then attach the USB-A 2.0 end into your device or accessory with USB-A 2.0 port. Use this adapter worry free, backed by Rocstor Lifetime Limited Warranty.

  • The data transfer adapter gives error-free transmission with high-speed
  • Nickel connector plating gives corrosion protection
  • High-quality standard USB adapter

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