Rocstor PrivacyView™ Premium Magnetic Privacy Filter for Microsoft® Surface® Pro 4/5/6/7 12.3 Tablet

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The Rocstor PrivacyView™ premium privacy and protection unframed filters provide a whole new level of security and privacy for your Microsoft® Surface® Pro 4/5/ and 6 series. Rocstor Microsoft® Surface® Pro 12.3" filter with 3:2 aspect ratio privacy screen delivers the most advanced Microlouver Privacy Technology. The new magnetic privacy filters from Rocstor can be easily installed and removed. Just place the filter on the Microsoft® Surface® Pro and the strong magnetic strip on the filter securely and safely attaches to the top of the display. The PrivacyView™ filters protect from visual hackers and at the same time provides an amazing clear image for your direct view. Rocstor's advanced Privacy technology protects your information with tiny vertical blinds that are built on the surface of the filter which narrows the viewing angle. The information on your display would be only visible directly in front of the display up to 30 degrees away from the center of the screen and the sides are blacked out from outside of 60-degree viewing angle. Rocstor filters reduce display blue light by 37% and it is TAA Compliant.

Use Rocstor's PrivacyView ™ screen filters to support compliance with privacy regulations such as Health Insurance Portability Accountability ACT (HIPAA) and Health Information Technology for Economics and Clinical Health (HITECH). Rocstor's privacy screen filters are the means for protecting private and personal corporate, legal and medical records. Use your PrivacyView™ filters with confidence backed by exceptional Rocstor's Two-year limited warranty.

  • Builds an additional layer of shield from everyday scratches and dust
  • Fits 12.3" Tablet PC
  • LCD display type support is power-efficient with minimal heat production to ensure a prolonged, convenient usage
  • 3:2 Privacy Screen Filter - Best for 12.3" Tablet PC
  • Magnetic feature for maximum productivity with added dependability
  • Privacy Screen Filter with tablet pc device support for better reliance and usability

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