RTS SS-2002 P Box Dual-Channel Desktop Speaker Station with P Box Enclosure

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The SS-1002 and SS-2002 Intercom Speaker Stations may be used with a headset, a built-in speaker and panel microphone, or an optional gooseneck microphone. As an alternative to a headset, a telephone-style handset may also be used. The SS-1002 is a single-channel station; the SS-2002 provides switch selectable access to either of two (2) intercom channels. Both the SS-1002 and SS-2002 come in four (4) versions to suit a variety of applications. The "S" and "P" boxes are portable versions. It has a carrying handle and dual "loop-through" intercom connectors which permit stations to be quickly interconnected using prefabricated cables. The "RM" box is a stationary version. It also has dual "loop-through" connectors for quick interconnection, but the case is designed for desktop or console-mount applications. The "U" box is designed for permanent, in-the-wall mounting. It uses push type wire terminals for connection to the intercom system. In addition to the standard SS-1002 / SS-2002 units, there is a two (2) channel "RM" version. The rack-mountable ("RM") version is suitable for desktop use, or can be rackmounted using the optional RM-14 rackmount kit.

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